for as long as it takes to get you to an agent

WeQu is a new service that takes the pain out of contacting Customer Service departments

The WeQu Service costs £9.99 per request. To choose your company and book click below

If you need to speak to a customer service agent at a  company we  have listed and don’t want to sit on the phone listening to endless hold music the use WeQu. Call the request number, put the phone down, Relax, work or play, answer when we call you back and speak to the customer service agent

Queuing on the phone for Customer Service driving you mad

At WeQu we queue for you. There is nothing worse than needing to speak to a Customer Service agent and when you call queuing on the phone listening to endless hold music and the odd interruption to tell you they are busy.

No Longer use WeQu. You simple register you call for the company you want to contact and put the phone down. We then call them wait for you and when we have an agent re-connect you with the agent, simple

What we do

Register Your Call

Call the WeQu 03 number associated with the company you need to speak too

Hang up

Once you have called the WeQu Register number simply hang up the phone and go about your daily business


We will call the company you need, sit in the queue until we connect to an agent. We then call you and re-connect you to the agent


When you are finished with the agent end the call as you would normally, no hassle, waiting or stress

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